Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, and Food Safety

The Ibersol Group is committed to developing a dynamic strategy that responds effectively to the challenges presented by all stakeholders, and to conducting its operations guided by the following principles:


Protecting the future.

  • Promoting environmental, social/economic, and governance responsibility, positively influencing the organization’s long-term value.


Maintaining accountability for all by:

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction;
  • Ensuring the safety of customers, employees, and products;
  • Actively promoting safety and health conditions in the workplace;
  • Reducing the environmental impact resulting from the activities carried out;
  • Acting to combat food waste;
  • Strictly complying with all legal, regulatory, and statutory requirements.


Investing in skills, appreciation, and inclusion. Promoting communication among all stakeholders.

  • Informing and training all employees, reinforcing skills in quality, food safety, environment, and workplace safety to standardize individual and collective practices;
  • Communicating and promoting the participation of employees and other stakeholders so they can contribute to better efficiency of management systems.


Managing risk.

  • Maintaining a traceability system, from origin to end consumer, with strict control of the supply chain;
  • Ensuring control of critical points in the production process;
  • Acting diligently, according to the precautionary principle, in situations of emergency or accidents that could cause harm to people, products, or the environment;
  • Adopting pollution prevention and reduction practices with specific measures in climate, energy, and natural capital preservation aspects;
  • Identifying, assessing, and controlling the risks that employees face to prevent workplace accidents and near misses.


Promoting excellence and always striving for better.

  • Maintaining measurement, monitoring, and evaluation systems to continuously improve the performance of management systems.

Transcrição da CA RE 002.03 Fevereiro 2024