History 2000 / 1996


The total turnover of the Ibersol Group, in 2000, amounted to more than 82 million Euros, the number of units was over 124 in the different concepts, and gave work to approx. 3,050 employees. With the purpose of strengthen the culture of the Group and its set of values, a wide training seminar was held throughout the year, which led to the identification of the values of the Group and of the behaviours that are expected from the employees.


• We believe in and value our people:

• We exist for the customer.

• We are happy to share

• We always do best

• We are enthusiastic in our undertakings


At the end of 1999, the Ibersol Group operated 124 units, and employed approx. 3,000 employees. The total turnover amounted to more than 75 million Euros. Given that human resources are a fundamental pillar to create value and to the pursuit of a sustainable growth, the Ibersol Group has developed a number of projects centred in competence and motivation, the Contributory Model and of Career Management, and the Training Plan.


• Opening of the first Ibersol’s Quiosque at Norteshopping

In 1998 the total turnover amounted to more than 65.5 million Euros, employed more than 2,770 employers, and the number of units was 104. The Group was already, at this point, one of the largest employers of the country.

Ibersol becomes actively involved in the segments Pizza, Chicken, Sandwiches, Brazilian food, Pastas, Traditional food, Hamburgers and American food.

With the extension of the brand portfolio, the Group has fulfilled the first phase of the strategy defined.


• Opening of the Ibersol’s O’Kilo at Colombo Shopping Centre

In 1997 the company’s shares were admitted to the stock market, and the first transaction took place in November 27th.

By the end of this year, the company operated 65 units of different concepts, gave work to 1,933 employees, and the turnover represented more than 40 million Euros.


• Opening of the first Ibersol’s KFC in CascaisShopping

In 1996, for the sandwiches segment, Ibersol created a company in partnership with the Spanish Group Agrolimen that owned Pans & Company. This company aims to develop this brand in Portugal. Regarding the pasta segment, Ibersol developed, together with English consultants, the concept Pasta Caffé.

In this year, Ibersol acquired Iberusa that held a strong presence in the foodservice market (airports, motorways, railways) and had developed the Brazilian concepts Ò Kilo and Frangão. Simultaneously, Ibersol acquires the Pizza World units present in Portugal and in their place opened units of the brand Pizza Hut, with the purpose of expanding this brand.