At the Ibersol Group, we acknowledge the importance of protecting the environment, and of assuring a sustainable development of the Group’s businesses.

Our concern has always been to promote environmental management practices, by raising awareness in all those who work with us, as well as in our Customers. This way we have been reducing our ecological footprint and contributing to preserve the planet, which is our home.

Waste Management

We invest in prevention, minimization and valorisation of waste produced through the course of our business:

We route all used food oil to the production of biodiesel.

  • Yellow, Green and Blue for selective separation: the waste from the paperboard packages is separated and placed in the corresponding recycling points.

Preservation of Resources

Water and Electricity:
two precious goods that we strive to save

We install equipment in our units to save daily in water and energy consumption; we use photovoltaic panels to produce renewable energy.

We make everyone aware of the need to make a rational use of energy and water.

Reductionof the Echological Footprint

We give priority to the acquisition of national products to reduce the ecological footprint.

Being close to our suppliers allows us to bring to you the fresher ingredients and those nutritionally richer, but also to ensure that the transportation phase is reduced. By reducing the transportation time we, therefore, reduce the CO2 emissions to the air, which   corresponds, by the end of the year, to a significant reduction in our supply chain.