History 2010 / 2006


• Opening of the first Ibersol’s Spoon at the Lisbon Airport

• Opening of Azure and Sky Plaza of Ibersol at the Azores Airport.

The year 2010 was marked by the strong economical and social turbulence experienced throughout Europe. Several European countries were forced to implement austerity measures that had a strong impact in the consumer’s decision making process, turning the consumer even more challenging and raising the competition levels of the market.

The Ibersol Group continued its policy to build its value propositions based in innovation of the multi-concept offer, restructuring its portfolio and managing all the axes of its operations.


• Opening of the Ibersol’s Flor d’Oliveira at Norteshopping

• More than 9 units received the Certification ISO 22000 – namely the sale points at the Lisbon Airport and the Catering operation at the Dragão football stadium. The Group now holds 22 certified units.

In 2009, the Group gave a special emphasis to the training of its employees. Therefore, besides the programs already in place during this year, we encouraged the participation at the New Opportunities program, and the launch of the ‘Escola Ibersol’ (Ibersol School) that promotes the qualification of our boards, with the involvement of the EGP (Management School of Oporto) and the IPAM (Portuguese Institute of Administration and Marketing).

One of the main targets of the Kids Bike Tour – an initiative led by the Ibersol Group in partnership with Sportis and Luso – was to raise the awareness of the younger people for a healthier diet and lifestyle. This initiative aimed to stimulate healthy choices, through the promotion of a varied and balanced diet, frequent hydration and physical activity, and was called ‘Pedala com toda a força’ (Cycle at full speed) which involved the participation of school groupings and 2nd cycle schools of the areas where there are units of the Ibersol brands integrated in the program ‘Viva Bem’ (Live Well).


• Ibersol gets its first certification in food safety

• Several brands of the Group ensure full food supply to the event Rock in Rio Lisboa

The Ibersol Group ensured exclusively the supply of all food to the event Rock in Rio Lisboa-2008.

This was a contract made with Ibersol for a multi-concept group of characteristics. The Group ensured the management of seven bars, which was done by the company Sugestões & Opções, and of four mobile units: two from Pizza Hut and two from KFC. The food supply to the VIP area and the support to the artists were held by another company of the Group: Silva Carvalho Catering.


• Opening of the first unit of SOL in Ovar

• Launching of the Program ‘Viva Bem’

• Acquisition of Lurca (A company owning several Burger King units in Spain)

A year when the product innovation has proven to be the right strategy for success. At the beginning of the year, Pizza Hut prepares the launching of Cheesy Bites – a proposition of pizza that became one of the biggest successes of the brand in Portugal.

The acquisition of Lurca and the following consolidation of the Iberian business of Burger King, have proven to be an excellent decision with the sales of Burger King rising at a pace higher than 20%.

The multi-brand and travel segments received, in 2007, a strong push with the opening of two Sol units and new concessions at Terminal 2 of the Lisbon Airport and of the Azores Airport.

The year of 2007 marks the launching of the program ‘Viva Bem’, a program dedicated to the education for consumption and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. This is an unique program in the area of modern foodservice that initially covers six brands of the Group, namely Pizza HutBurger KingKFCPans & CompanyÒ Kilo, and Pasta Caffé.


• Opening of the first Ibersol’s Pans & Company at the Via Catarina

• Opening of the first Ibersol’s Pasta Caffé restaurant at the Via Catarina

The year of 2006 will go down in the history of the Ibersol Group as the year of the Iberian offensive. For a large portion of the first half of the year, the Ibersol Group fought a strong dispute in the takeover process over Telepizza. After the resolution of this takeover, which did not meet the interests of the Group, the spotlight has turn to the expansion of the Burger King business in Spain.

The Group goes for a strategy of growth through acquisition, thus accelerating the growth of the consolidated sales. This vision – centred in the Iberian growth- led to the acquisition of Lurca: a company that manages 31 units of Burger King in Spain.

The year of 2006 is a year of expansion in all areas of the Group, due to the investment in concession rights of the service areas, the opening of 21 units, and also the increase of the participation on QRM – a company dedicated to catering.

This is also clearly the year of the strategy of activity diversification, giving way to the necessary elasticity to face the decrease in consumption, based on the growth of the Burger King business, and on the investment in the area of catering, which is a new sector for the Group.