Privacy Policy

The Ibersol page on the Internet aims to facilitate knowledge about the Ibersol Group and its Brands. The collection of personal data has become a common practice in the strategies of the companies with an Internet presence. Therefore, many Users are reluctant when personal or business data are requested, without knowing the purpose given to them. In order to go against this situation, Ibersol has set forth a ‘Policy of Use’ where we clarify the Users of our page regarding four baseline matters:

How is the information collected?
What data is collected?
What do we do with this data?
What boundaries can the User set to this data collection?

Ibersol asks for little information to the Users of its page. And, in any case, it is solely used for business purposes. The information gathered is basic: name, address, telephone, e-mail, and subject. However, by simply visiting our Page, the User is not required to register any data. We only ask for data when the User wants to access specific areas of the Page. As a User of our Page you can send us personal information when

• Subscribing to the Employment and Human Resources Areas;
• Communicating with our employees;
• Sending suggestions;

All information gathered is kept and registered on a database owned by Ibersol and that is intended for its sole use. In any case will Ibersol give away or sell to other parties the information gathered. Ibersol assures that the gathering of information will always be done under the previous and free consent of the User. Ibersol cannot, however, be considered liable for the unlawful access to this information.

Ibersol reserves the right to amend, partially or completely, the ‘Privacy Policy’ of its Internet page. The visit to the page and to its content does not imply any contractual binding between Ibersol and the User.