KFC has been in Angola since 2012 and currently has nine restaurants, eight of which in Luanda and one in Benguela province.

At KFC restaurants you can enjoy delicious chicken, marinated and breaded at the moment in order to guarantee maximum freshness and quality, always respecting its original recipe.

We believe that the unforgettable flavor of our chicken is at the base of all its preparation, which is made by true cooks who keep alive the cooking rituals created for over 70 years.

Store addresses in Angola:


KFC Aeroporto: Rua 2 , casa n2 – Bairro Cassenda

KFC- Zango : Complexo Alimenta Angola Zango

KFC Benfica: Estrada Nacional 100

KFC Morro Bento: Entroncamento Estrada 21 de Janeiro

KFC Che Guevara: Avenida Comandante Che. Guevara

KFC – Centro Comercial Xyami Nova Vida

KFC – Centro Comercial Avennida

KFC – Centro Comercial Belas


KFC Benguela: Gaveto das Avenidas Aires de Almeida Santos e Machado dos Santos

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